Monday, September 24, 2012

Photography Shows Around DC...

Another presumably semi-boring historical show at the NGA that opens the 30th: has a good show through Oct. 20 by Patrick McDonough that is not strictly photo, but is very well done.

Margaret Heiner in Georgetown has a Satomi Shirai photo show through Oct. 27 that is contemporary - I have yet to see.

National Portrait Gallery has a photo show also including Satomi Shirai that is, as well, presumably worth seeing.

Hemphill has Bill Christenberry through Oct. 27, more of a small retrospective looking at his art rather than just photo -- though there are of course photos, also a hologram, old rusty signs, a table of objects, a sculpture, and plenty of works on paper.

Adamson has Karen Knorr through Oct. 27.  This may be interesting to you from a techinique perspective... not that exciting subject wise.  Their Press Release explains:

Friday, September 21, 2012

DC FOTO Week contest is here again!

Last year, Erin Daniels won a top prize for this contest! It was pretty cool, her work hung up in an exhibit in DC for a month!!       Lets look through the categories and submit some photos!!!